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    Renewing Adobe CC ETLA


      As a member of staff I recently renewed my Adobe CC ETLA through my University's 'onthehub.com' webstore. It expired a few days ago and I renewed through the eligibility tab. It is now listed as 'verified' and is not due to expire until Feb 2018. However, when I try to open my Adobe apps they are still recognized as expired and in my Adobe ID account they are also listed as expired. How do I get my applications renewed or reactivated?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

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          Allanhughesnufa have you contacted your Creative Cloud account administrator for an updated licensing and installation package to reflect the new agreement?  Unless your license is being applied by your Adobe ID you will need to obtain updated licensing from the Admin to continue to use the Creative Cloud software.

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            allanhughesNUFA Level 1

            Hi Jeff. I've contacted IT in my Uni who administer and manage all our systems, if that's what you mean. They're stumped. They said it should have renewed automatically after I received the eligibility through 'onthehub.com'. I know I had to create an Adobe ID to make the initial installation and I can see the original ETLA license there in that account. Not sure what to do next...

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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

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              Allanhughesnufa thank you for the update.  I reviewed your account and I do find a past due Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition membership associated with your Adobe ID.  I would recommend contacting our support team directly at Contact Customer Care .


              If your membership is offered through your University then you may want to verify they are applying the membership to your Adobe ID/e-mail address prior to contacting our support team.