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    Am I the only one that still supports Classic ASP sites?

    dstoltz007 Level 1

      Since DW 2017, it seems Adobe has completely dropped support for ASP. And by "support", I mean the editor doesn't even recognize an ASP page.


      In the lower right, you can select what kind of page it is, everything from "Bash", to "Haxe" to "Twig"....whatever those are....but no ASP!!!!!


      This is most frustrating when editing an ASP page - even if I select VBScript, it still doesn't work correctly. When writing Javascript for instance in an ASP page, the code jumps around, auto-indents when it shouldn't, etc....it's driving me crazy.


      Does anyone else have these issues? I don't develop much in ASP anymore, but still need to support many sites with changes, improvements, etc...


      Any info/ideas appreciated.