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    PhoneGap Build all of a sudden not allowing inline media with exact same setup that works in app store


      For some reason when I build my app in PhoneGap Build and run on an iOS phone (iPhone 6), the inline media is now opening full screen rather than inline. I have the config setting:


      <platform name="ios">

        <preference name="AllowInlineMediaPlayback" value="true" />



      I have also set webkit-playsinline to the video tags.


      The current app with the exact same code runs inline, but in a new build with those same files, it opens them in full screen. This leads me to believe that something has changed recently with the PhoneGap Build where it is not building the files properly.


      Has something changed recently? I did a build last week and the inline seemed to work, so I would think this was a change that happened in the last few days.


      The app uses cli-6.1.0, but I also tried upgrading to 6.5.0 with no change.