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    Why Does Every Photo I Take Need "DeHazing"?

    yom91755153 Level 1

      Hi there!


      I am starting to experiment with Lightroom Mobile, so I'm still learning.


      I have found that nearly ALL photos I take need to be Dehazed. Why?




      For more info, I have a Nexus 5x phone, which has a decent-good camera (for a cell phone).


      I have Lightroom mobile set to "Pro" so I can get raw images.


      Now, originally I thought the exposure was just too high and I needed to do some processing on the raw image, but after spending some time in Lightroom on my desktop, I found exposure adjustments just weren't fixing it.


      I tried all the settings I thought might affect the clarity of the photo, and found that 'Dehaze' is the setting that consistently fixes all of the photos taken with the Lightroom camera app.


      Note: when using the native Android app, I don't seem to have this problem. That's why I thought it was because I was shooting in Raw via Lightroom mobile, and had the exposure waaaaaaay too high. But lowering the exposure in Develop didn't come close to fixing the image like "Dehaze" did.


      It's like the Dehaze simultaneously lowers the exposure, brings down the whites, reduces glare (if there is any) and makes the images so much clearer. It makes a much bigger improvement than I think it 'should.'



      Any ideas?