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    Lost compositions after Purge???


      Hello, first time post and I am hoping this is something very simple to resolve???


      Ok, so here is my problem:


      I have/had quite a hefty file which I was RAM rendering however only a minute or so of the 21 mins+ rendered.


      I then went on to purge the file to speed up the rendering however once i have done this all but one of the compositions have completely gone!


      It seems to have auto saved? even thought this option was not selected and did not give me the option to save?


      I have no idea what has happened and your help will save me over 2 weeks worth of work.


      This happened at 17:00 UK time and i had been saving it frequently during the day. Is there a way I can recover previously saved versions from my external hardrive by date and time? Is this a lost cause or can anyone at least explain how this is happened to avoid it in the future. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.