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    CF Builder 2016 and source control, locked files

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      Hello, I just installed CF Builder 2016 and the features are fantastic. There is one vital feature that I'm not sure how to enable. Whenever a file is locked by another user in our source control software my old IDE would warn me that it was locked and would not let me edit it. CF Builder 2016 does not do that. It will let me open and modify the file even though it's locked by someone else. Is there a setting that I can change so that it will not open locked files in source control? I'm on Windows 10. This is quite an important aspect of software development so I'm sure it has been addressed somehow. I just don't know where to look to enable that feature.


      I'm aware that it's eclipse based and a version control plugin might be needed to check files in and out but I'm just looking to block a user (me) when someone else has a file checked out. Can that be accomplished with a setting or is a plugin required?  We use Serena - PCVS Version Manager (

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          Hi there,


          I don't have the answer for your question. But I understand what you're trying to explain here. So for clarity, I'll share the information.


          Your referring to is optimistic and pessimistic concurrency locking strategies.


          • Pessimistic concurrency control (or pessimistic locking) is called "pessimistic" because the system assumes the worst — it assumes that two or more users will want to update the same record at the same time, and then prevents that possibility by locking the record, no matter how unlikely conflicts actually are.The locks are placed as soon as any piece of the row is accessed, making it impossible for two or more users to update the row at the same time. Depending on the lock mode (shared, exclusive, or update), other users might be able to read the data even though a lock has been placed. For more details on the lock modes, see Lock modes: shared, exclusive, and update.
          • Optimistic concurrency control (or optimistic locking) assumes that although conflicts are possible, they will be very rare. Instead of locking every record every time that it is used, the system merely looks for indications that two users actually did try to update the same record at the same time. If that evidence is found, then one user's updates are discarded and the user is informed.For example, if User1 updates a record and User2 only wants to read it, then User2 simply reads whatever data is on the disk and then proceeds, without checking whether the data is locked. User2 might see slightly out-of-date information if User1 has read the data and updated it, but has not yet committed the transaction.


          So what you're asking is to change from a possible optimistic strategy to the pessimistic strategy. 


          If you don't get a warning when the document has changed. Then there is no concurrency locking strategy at all, which is a bad software development practice.


          Hope you get your answer.




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            BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I suspect you need to install a plugin for Serena - PCVS.