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    Change all image widths in a threaded text frame


      Hi there, in our workflow we get a lot of memoir type books with images scattered throughout a word file. When we place them this creates two problems.


      1. Often the images are larger than the text frame (ie A4 size word doc with full page image, getting imported into an A5 size indesign file) - this means that InDesign stops creating pages and displays an overset text box symbol.

      Currently I then have to manually enlarge the text frame until I can see the image, shrink the image, and then carry on auto-flowing the doc until it encounters another 'too large image'.


      Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 10.01.33 AM.png


      2. After I have everything flowed into my indd document, I manually go about changing the inline image width to match the margins. Ideally at this point we would also ensure frames were proportionally filled with bleed.

      After this I then work through the document designing it... (ie manually changing the height of the image frames, and moving the images around inside the frames).


      I have tried to piece together a script but seeing as this is the first script I ever wrote I don't have much faith in my scripting ability.