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    How To Open FlashHelp in New IE Window

      Our Java Script that we use to launch our FlashHelp text (RoboHelp 7.0.2) no longer works correctly. It worked correctly in RoboHelp 5.5.

      We use the url .. "help/Notification/DCANotifications.htm?newwindow=yes" to launch the FlashHelp in a new pop-up Internet Explorer window. The new Internet Explorer window opens, containing the FlashHelp. The Table of Contents shows correctly in the left frame, and you can use it to navigate to pages in the help text. But the default page, DCANotifications.htm, does not launch in the right frame. The Internet Explorer message says the page cannot be found.

      We can open the compiled Flash Help output in RoboHelp 7 HTML.

      What java script do you used to open the Flash Help text from RoboHelp 7.0.2 in a popup window?