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    InDesign Crashing When Selecting Text, Now It Is Incredibly Slow to Open


      Help! InDesign CC 2017 is almost to the point of useless.  It started with a document within an InDesign book where I had placed a word doc (using Cmd+D, not copy+paste) and flowed the text and then styled the text.  When I would select a few lines of text (usually text that was tabbed), I would get the spinning wheel of death and would have to force quit the program.  After a few times of that and a few troubleshooting methods, now InDesign is incredibly slow to open files.


      Here is what I did to trouble shoot:

      - Saved files to IDML, then back to IDDN (no change)

      - Rebooted computer (no change)

      - Rebooted computer and opened InDesign in Safemode (no change)


      A few other things to note:

      - No, the font doesn't have special characters in it.  It is Adobe's own Typekit font, Proxima Nova Condensed

      - The files I'm working on are on an external server, although I did copy and drag those files to my desktop but working off my own computer did not improve anything - I am working off of a Mac 10.12


      I have a deadline for a large book coming up very soon, so this couldn't have been at a worse time. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!