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    Photoshop 5.0 (1998 version) & Windows 7

    teeb6942 Level 1

      I used to be in the graphics  business and have always been fond of this old program.  I recently purchased a copy for personal projects and now can't seem to install it on my laptop which runs Windows 7.  Is there a way around the compatibility issue for the exe file?  I have tried running it in different compatibility options, running as an admin (think I did that right, willing to try again with some good instruction), but am not having much luck.  I do have an old Windows XP version which I know will run in, but I don't have a serial key for my current Windows 7 (laptop was a gift).  Is there anything I can do to make this program work with 7?  My internet search keeps mentioning a Longbow Revivor program, but I really don't see the sense in paying $50.00 for a one time use.


      Please help