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    Mask track problem


      Hi everyone. To start, I want to say that I´m not an experienced user in after effects, I know many tools but I´m not fluid on my work.


      Right now I´m trying to make a commercial-like video, it consists of some 3d tracking camera movements with text (text staying in place) and that´s fine, however I want to make the text go behind a soda bottle  as the video rotates and shows the various side of the bottle. I´ve tried many tutorials and many adobe tutorials and all I could come up with is that the right tool to do this would be mask track: by mask tracking the soda bottle, the text should be end up behind the bottle as the video itself shows the various sides of it but everytime I try to use the mask tracking, the mask just stays in one place during the whole process.


      As far as I know, mask tracking should move the mask along with the object, but in my case it´s as if there´s no tracking going on, the mask just stays in the same position and nothing is being tracked. Any help would be appreciated.