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    Only some web users can play our swf-flv = CRANKY CLIENT

      Hi all.
      We have an swf loading flash video on a page that only some users can see.

      (links to page and source fla are below)

      It is creating us hell as the client cannot play the flv! We have ruled out local factors with the client as the client has both Mac and Vista and experiences the problem on both platforms. Likewise we have ruled out firewall issues as he has issues at both home and work. There are a couple of others in his workplace that have the same problem but everyone else in his workplace can play the file. Client reports that associates elsewhere also cannot play the file.

      This is the problem:

      1. Client can see the swf on the page.
      2. The flv starts to play but stops.

      All our testing comes up fine however we have been able to report one instance of a problem - on an XP machine on a 512kb download - the connection was really slow and the flv failed to load. The client is on a fast connection so I think we can rule out connectivity being an issue. Having said that - even on a slow connection the flv should load with a pre-loader and play (the guy that did this fla file says it has a preloader and all will be fine and when I question him further he says there are no issues ... so I need help!!!!!! as there are obviously issues.

      So it's down to detective work.

      We are attempting to isolate any issues with the CMS which may be contributing to it. The other obvious place to start is to examine the fla so I am here to see if anyone can examine our fla and make comments/suggestions. Pull it apart - PLEASE. Think of anything you can possibly suggest.

      The fla can be downloaded from the link below.

      Any help would be great - client is really upset!


      DOWNLOAD FLA here...
      VIEW the page with SWF here...