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    Installing Creative Cloud crashes our router


      I've managed to install Light Room, but it took several goes. Every time I try to install a local CC application it crashes our router. Only solution is to power it off and back on. Haven't been able to upgrade to Photoshop 2017 as I'm fed up and the older version is fine for me.

      Wasted 2 hours of my time this week and made me look foolish during a Skype meeting. 

      Not good form for the money you charge for your software. Please fix this so I can keep using your software. I'll uninstall for now until you sort this out.

      I'm on Windows 10 and have installed all of the many regular Adobe updates that get pushed to me so should be as up to date as possible.


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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

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          Grant to confirm when you attempt high speed downloads, through the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application, your Internet router then stops working?   What other bandwidth intensive applications are you using, via the router, besides Skype?  Have you discontinued Skype, and any other bandwidth intensive Internet usage, to see if the download was then successful?

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