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    Lightroom mobile sync order - lost adjustments


      Hello, I'm a new subscriber of Creative Cloud. My workflow is:


      Import photos to desktop Lightroom, upload to LR mobile, cull and edit on the iPad, get back to (possibly another) desktop Lightroom with the same catalog, receive the changes from the cloud, export.


      Today I experienced the following issue:


      I installed desktop Lightroom on a computer and opened the catalog which contained images that I had previously selected and edited on the iPad, and successfully synced to the cloud. Instead of receiving my edits, desktop Lightroom synced "metadata" (that's what I read at the Preferences/Lightroom mobile/Sync Activity list) for all 4080 photos, restoring most of my edits so far. Luckily, I hadn't gone through everything yet and I lost just a couple of hours' work.


      However, this is a significant problem. How can I make sure this doesn't happen again? I was not asked by desktop Lightroom whether or not I wanted to overwrite anything. It just started resyncing everything, undoing my edits.