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    How to Config BlazeDS in Production

      I currently have a small Flex app embedded in a much larger Java App. We have two types of servers built off one code base. The flex app is compiled with ANT locally and when I run the server locally BlazeDS and the Flex app work fine, however, when I run it on the actual test server it doesn't get any data back from BlazeDS.

      I previously had problems with crossdomain and using the WebServiceObject but now that I'm using Remote object and the flex app is hosted on the same server as the data I figured it'd work no brainer.
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          riesvantwisk Level 1
          should be indeed a no brainer...
          I would suggest to check the web.xml and flex config files and see if there is anything domain specific in these config files.

          I have one ant build file for both locally and production/preproduction deployments.

          what error do you see in your webservers log files??