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    Export drawing from Sketch

    neilr74298961 Level 1

      I have completed my first drawing with Sketch - I would now like to export it - as a png. I can find no way to do this, or indication of how to in help.


      I can save to gallery - but where is this gallery? I am working on a Chromebook and it is not a local file or on Drive. Can't find where it might be - though it obviously exists somewhere as I can reload it from gallery...


      I do not use Photoshop or Illustrator and do not want to publish on Behance. Share with just gives me the option of using Skype...


      All I want to do is have my creation as a png file.


      Any way to do this?



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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Neil.


          I'm sorry for taking so long to respond (I don't have a Chromebook handy so I had to ask the product team). Here are the instructions I received:


          To see the saved images of gallery:

          1. Open ES File Explorer on Chromebook.

          2. Navigate to “Home” folder and then to “Images” (or “Pictures”).

          3. There will be an “Adobe Photoshop Sketch” folder; the image will be in that.


          This was on an Asus Chromebook, but the instructions should work for you. If they don't, please let me know which Chromebook you're using.


          I hope that helps.



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            neilr74298961 Level 1

            Thanks so much! Made me realise what is going on here.


            Of course, because Sketch is working as an Android app on a Chromebook, it is not visible in the normal Chrome file system but only within the Android part that is created when you enable Android apps. (That's also why the only "share" option was through Skype, as this is the only other Android app that I have installed.)


            Solution - install an Android file explorer and use that to find the Pictures folder within the Android system. (Android on ChromeOS does not have its own explorer.) There is the exported drawing. Done!


            A couple of additional comments.  - I wouldn't recommend ES File Explorer now - it was in my mind great but is now full of bloatware. As I didn't need any extra functionality I installed the tiny and open-source OI File Explorer - available at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.openintents.filemanager and that did the job fine.


            Last thing - as we are needing to access the ChromeOS file system to see the Adobe folder (or any other folder within the Android setup), the other way to do this without installing an Android file explorer is to enable Developer mode and enable debugging options. Bit of a sledgehammer option but worth knowing perhaps.


            Thanks again

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Neil.


              I"m glad you have access to your saved files now.


              I'm sorry I'm a bit ill-equipped to have a more two-sided conversation with you about Chromebooks... I have actually, on Android, also had to enable Developer mode to access some features so I completely understand your point about it being a "sledgehammer."


              I'll share all your comments with the product team.



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                hellblade Level 1

                Here's the ACTUAL CORRECT answer for you.


                Every single "free" adobe app out there, especially the new mobile platform ones, adobe fix, sketch, mix etc.


                They ALL deliberately f you, by downgrading resolution.  And they do it secretly without telling you.


                The ONLY way to export images at their resolution is by exporting to Photoshop CC ... which comes with a monthly plan.


                So now you know why they will ALWAYS talk about giving it to you in the future but will NEVER do so.  And they've been saying it is coming for 2 years.


                It is "not a bug" and deliberate by design alright.  To force you to pay monthly plans.