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    Assinatura Senior %?

    elisag61931863 Level 1

      Dear friends. help me? I'm Elisa, I'm 69 years old, I'm retired and I love Photoshop. I was already a subscriber, but with the crisis in Brazil money was lacking. Does it have a Senior subscription with 50% discount? Where or with whom can I look for it?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Sorry, no discount for seniors, and you are not the first to ask.  If you can get yourself onto some sort of study program, you can probably qualify for the Student Teacher discount, which is good if you want the entire Creative Cloud, but the Photoshop / Lightroom Photographers deal is still cheaper at $10 an month.   I wonder if you can get help/sponsorship locally?  Through the local council, or arts and creative groups?  


          From what we have seen in the news, Rio at least, is unlikely to have a lot of spare capacity post Olympics.

          Here's a closer look at the eerie orange water ...

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