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    When I import Illustrator files into After Effects the bounding box changes


      When I import layers into AE the bounding box changes. I have a circle and the bounding box goes past the circle.

      [img]Screenshot (3).png[/img]

      I imported layers into AE from Illustrator, I did composition retain layer size.

      What I am aiming to do is rotate the circle in it's center point, the issue is when I import the layer into AE the bounding box is off from what it is in Illustrator and because of this when I rotate the circle in AE it comes of as wobbly.

      Here is what the layer looks like when I double tap it.

      [img]Screenshot (4).png[/img]

      I made sure that all of my bounding boxes are constrained in Illustrator by expanding each individual layer and then making a clipping mask over the group.

      [img]Screenshot (2).png[/img]

      When I import this layer into AE the bonding box is extended on the right side of the circle and I do not know how to fix this issue.

      This is what happens when I render it and that wobbly look that I dont like: https://www.behance.net/gallery/49312953/WORK-PLAY-STICKER-SET

      Help is appreciated