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    Entire puppet mesh doesn't show & bounding box is not snug

    PintoSixty Level 1

      When selecting the main puppet layer, then clicking on the "show mesh" button, only the torso reveals its mesh.  And the torso is a sublayer within the body.  I can click on any individual sublayer and the mesh shows up, no problem  But why doesn't the entire mesh appear en toto?  Also, I have a bounding box issue.  Here are screenshots of the mesh problem and the bounding box issue.  Notice that the main character layer is highlighted and the "show mesh" button is activated.  Also, look below the feet.  Notice the elongated, superfluous area in the bounding box.  Below is a screenshot of my Illustrator file with all objects selected by hitting Ctrl-A.  Notice that there is no extraneous artwork in the AI file below the character's feet.  So, why the extra space in the bounding box?



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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          For the show mesh tool, independent parts won't show up - so my guess is you have a lot of independent groups/layers inside the head?


          The issue with the bounding box, and maybe related to the mesh thing as well, is that the head has been mispositioned in CH (note how it's lower than your AI file). This is a bug we're working on.  Basically, it seems like sometimes when a group inside a PSD or AI has changes its width or height (so not just a cosmetic change like making something blue, but rather making the arm group wider/taller because there are more arm states inside), CH has trouble reconciling where their origin point is - the original position or the new one. So it can “push” those affected elements if the origin point doesn’t line up as expected.



          The potential workarounds for this are:



          1. Right click the offending group and select "Reset Layer"


          2. Find the group and manually select and drag it back into place on the puppet panel canvas inside Character Animator (drag the arm back to where it’s supposed to be).



          3. Worst case scenario, reimport and rerig the character.



          This will hopefully be fixed in our next release. Sorry for the trouble.

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