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    Prevent Multiple Access

      I dont really know how to explain this but I'll just put the scenario in
      I have an application hosted in and another in Both of them have their own login structure.

      Right now, has an iframe that contains Is there a way to prevent the user from directly accessing without going through the IFrame.
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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          You could do a question-and-answer, like this

          <!--- Security code known only to current page --->
          <cfset securityCode="abracadabra">
          <iframe src="iFrame_test2.cfm?securityCode=#securityCode#">

          <!--- Abort mission if security code not confirmed --->
          <cfif NOT (isDefined("url.securityCode") and url.securityCode is "abracadabra")>
          content of embedded page