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    Use of Adobe Stock Photo on Book/E-book Cover

    Ricky Leone Level 1



      I was reading this Adobe article here: Adobe Stock known issues and limitations


      And regarding the following excerpt, I have a question (answer might be obvious, but would like clarification):


      Use of images on book/e-book covers

      Use of Stock images on book or e-book covers is allowed if the print run is fewer than 500,000 copies (Adobe Stock limit). Images showing models can't be used in a manner that the models could perceive as offensive. (For example, avoid using images with models on the cover of a steamy romance novel or a book about politics or religion, etc.)


      And this excerpt on the Adobe licensing page:


      Extended licenses

      Extended licenses provide all the rights granted in an Enhanced license, remove the 500,000 copy restriction and allow you to create products for resale.


      If you purchase an extended license, that removes the 500,000 limit on books/e-books, correct?  And also, are you allowed to modify the stock photo (IE: color correction, resizing, retouching of photo, etc)?