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    Have to re-install elements software every few weeks...

    Paul 65 Level 1

      Every few weeks either premiere elements 15 or photoshop elements 15 won't start anymore. When using splash screen as start option the animated button runs while Adobe-ads in the popup are shown. But nothing else happens (at least for 15 minutes). When set to start the application directly, double click on the Premiere Icon has no effect at all.


      No installations have been made on that PC (except of Windows Updates) since the Upgrade from Version 14 (which never behaved like this).

      Restart: no effect

      Power cycle: no effect

      swearing and cursing: no effect


      It looks as if they (photoshop/premiere) knock out each other. The only way to make it work again is re-installing the software. Extremly annoying!

      Any clue on how to fix this?


      W10/64 - i7 - 8GB RAM - Radeon R7/200 (Driver Version: 11/2016)