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    my images cannot be found on light room HELP!!


      hi all


      last week I went and did a photo shoot of some of my nieces and nephews and I absolutely loved the images I had to the point where I finally printed a photo that I had taken as I had never done that before. when taking the images I used tethered capture on light room I have done this before and never had an issue.

      today I have logged onto my computer turned on light room to find out that for some reason my catalogue named KIDZ_1 has all the images in it as I wanted but when I tried to start editing every image in the folder says "image cannot be used because original copy could not be found would you like to locate it?" so I clickon the locate button and it takes me to my photo folder on my computer then I find the light room back up and click on the date 22nd of fed which the images were taken on and found it then says that the images still cannot be used.


      I'm using a HP pavilion laptop with windows 10 on It please say that somebody can help me as I'm going to be absolutely gutted if I loose all these images as I was just about to finish editing them and then export them and send the rest of them to be printed help please