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    Adobe Premiere Graphics Card


      I am working in further education and we have a strict budget.

      We need new computers that are powerful enough to run Premiere with no issues we have been looking at a HP Prodesk 400 G3 Small Form Factor. However the Graphics card in this machine does not appear to be sufficient enough for Premiere so we need to look at putting a Graphics card that will fit in the machine and will adhere to the strict budget. Does anyone have a suggestion as to which card will fit in the HP unit but that will also be good enough to support premiere.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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            RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

            some of the new low profile gtx's might fit in there. the gtx 1050 2gb should be a good match to an i5 cpu for HD/1080p projects. the gtx 1050 ti 4gb is slightly faster, but mainly has 4gb of vram for entry 4k projects with an i7. i think there are a few available from msi, gigabyte and zotac that make these "low profile" or "half-height" video cards. i think they will all be dual slot. some of the gtx 1050/1050ti cards don't require any power cables, which can make it easier to install and might be necessary if the hp psu doesn't have any spare pcie power cables.

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              niallb79471926 Level 1



              Thank you for your reply. I have spoken with HP and they have informed me that the Prodesk 400 G3 SFF does not support the Nvidia GTX 1050 the best card that is supported in the computer is a NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 730 2GB DP PCIe x8 Card.

              is this card good enough for premiere?

              If not please can you provide me with a HP machine that will be good enough to run Adobe Premeire.

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                RjL190365 Level 5

                That GPU is a very poor choice for Premiere, especially if that card has only really lousy-performing DDR3 memory or if the GPU used on that card is a rebranded GT 430. I tested the GDDR5 version of that GPU in the past, and if that GPU is lousy to begin with most of the other GT 730s out there would be even worse.


                I do not know of any small-form-factor HP system that's suitable for Premiere. You may have to get a huge, extremely expensive machine from them just to be even minimally suitable for Premiere.

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                  RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                  as RjL points out, no that gt 730 is not good enough for premiere. its extremely slow, only useful for adding more monitors to the computer. i just looked for some more spec's on the HP Prodesk 400 G3, i found a listing that says it has 180 watt power supply. the gtx 1050's need at least 250 watt power supply to be safe with a non "k" intel 65 watt cpu, 300 or higher recommended. i don't know if HP offers higher watt power supply sizes for that Prodesk G3 or not. if you can't get one with enough watts the gtx 1050 won't work. there are no other options for the gtx cards, the gtx 1050's are already very low watt and as low as we would recommend for a fast enough card for premiere.

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                    Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                    After looking at a few of those SFF computers I would not recommend them for Premiere Period unless you select a processor that has 4 -cores and 8-threads (i7-6700).  They appear to be single drive only oriented and a single hard drive is not a suitable configuration for Premiere.  It does of course depend on what media is to be edited but with everyone having a "Video" camera today and those mostly fall into the difficult to edit category especially without GPU acceleration.


                    I really wish I could help solve your problem but that is my opinion.  I did take a look at a HP Elite 800 G2 SFF unit which has the option of two GT 730's at 25 watts each and then looked up a GTX 1050 but it's power draw is 75 watts

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                      niallb79471926 Level 1

                      Hi all


                      Thank you for your input. I have been informed by my manager that he would like a HP machine is there any HP machine that we can use out of the box that will be able to support Premiere. I could then run the machine by him and see what he says to purchasing a more powerful HP machine.

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                        RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                        i looked thru HP's website for a while at different towers they had. the ENVY desktop was the lowest cost i could find that had all the hardware spec's i would consider minimum. its basically good for HD/1080p projects. HP ENVY Desktop - 750-435st.  just a fyi, some of the new amd cpu's are similarly priced as the intel 4 core but are much faster. i would guess HP might release some new computers with the amd cpu's in the next month. an amd ryzen system with an R7 1700X might be $100-200 more, unless they jack the prices, but will be much more powerful and should handle some 4k.