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    App works in PhoneGap Desktop but not in Build




      my App has a Vibrate (navigator.vibrate)  a Alert (navigator.notification.alert) and a Prompt Button


      I tested it on PhoneGap Desktop and it worked on my (Android) Smartphone via the PhoneGap App Now I wanted a .apk and used PhoneGap Build.

      The style and Buttons are all there but nothing worked. No Vibration, no Alert.

      I tried uploading the www folder, the index.html only , even the whole PhoneGap Folder.



      Must I upload any Plugins manually? Shouldnt  Build do it for me?

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          You must specify your plugins in your config.xml file. The PhoneGap Developer app contains all the core plugins and few third-party plugins by default, so even if you don't have them in your config.xml, your app could still work. But PGB needs to know exactly which plugins you want (because including a lot of plugins you don't want leads to bundle bloat and extraneous permission requests).