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    The error to use "Adobe Acrobat XI Professional"


      To whom it may concern.


      Hello, I'm Ju Hyeon Lee, an university student in South Korea.


      I bought "Adobe Acrobat XI Professional" program for university student on April 6 in 2015.


      But the error same as below has been come up recently.

      I followed the notice and delete your program and reinstall it.

      Also I did try doing that process again and again but the same error sign comes up and I can't
      even use my Adobe program well anymore.


      Error windows 1.




      Error windows 2.

        Moreover, even if I tried to follow the process on the sign as mentioned, once I try to access

      the web site, http://www.adobe.com/go/applicationmanager_kr,
      it goes to the web site of Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application download.


      There is no way to deal with this problem, so I tried to contact the Korean Adove branch,

      but there is no contact number or address at all. The English versionsite is all.

      It doesn't work at all for Korean users.


      I'm very sorry and disappointed about your unresponsible customer service and After service.

      So please let me know the way to deal with this problem and correct this error.

      Also please send me the contact number or email address of Korean Adobe officer.

      I hope your company will correct this discomfort of customers like me.


      Looking forward to your reply as soon as possible.


      Best wishes



      Ju Hyeon Lee