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    Real Time Preview suddenly stopped working.

    Sci-Fi Guru

      Using Dreamweaver CC 2017.0.1 Release, 9346 Build.  I am on Windows 7 x64 and this problem persists no matter what browser is used.

      Real Time Preview has suddenly stopped working.  Hitting F12 for Real Time Preview while coding is very convenient and I have come to rely on it heavily.  This morning it suddenly started providing the following error:

      You tried to access an external HTML page, which can not be opened on the device for preview. Open the page in Dreamweaver to preview the page on the device.

      Went through the forums and have tried a few fixes, closing and restarting the application between, even restarting the computer.  These solutions have not worked:

      I'm aware that I can manually load the page in the browser, but frankly, this is really inconvenient and I have come to rely on the Real Time Preview.

      Are there any other potential workarounds to this issue?