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    Font to Glyph Problem


      I just finished a 420 page book, and was getting ready to send to printer, when I noticed that throughout the text everywhere "ff" occurs in a word

      it has been turned into a box?  I have these strange boxes throughout the text.  I used paragraph style guides?  The problem is only occuring

      with one font (American Typewriter).  Is there anyway that I can clear all these boxes without having to re-read the entire book!?! 

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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          If you don't want ligatures, you might try editing the Paragraph Style that controls the text. In the Paragraph Style, under Basic Character Formats, you could uncheck ligatures. It might be that your particular font doesn't support ligatures. You might also check to see if your version has a creation date that is very old. Perhaps a newer version of the same font could be acquired so that it has the capacity to use automatic ligatures. You might try to force a text recompose on the document. You might try exporting to IDML and re-opening the IDML file to rebuild the document cleanly. You might have a corrupt or partially corrupt font. Many will use a utility called Font Doctor to test that theory. You might go into Preferences and turn off those new Advance Type > Type Contextual Controls to see if the problem disappears, if the problem occurs in CC 2017.

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            nancys18448653 Level 1

            Very helpful information...Thanks YOU!