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    javascript ehlpdhtm.js could not be executed

    Krischu Level 1

      In a page I have the following HTML:




      <?rh-script_start ?><script src="../../ehlpdhtm.js" type="text/javascript"

                                   language="JavaScript1.2"></script><?rh-script_end ?>

      rt ?><script src="../../ehlpdhtm.js" type="text/javascript"                             language="JavaScript1.2"></script><?rh-script_end ?>



      And later:



      l Konfiguration

           style="color: #3366FF;"><a href="javascript:BSSCPopup('../../../../SomeDir/OtherDir/YetAnotherDir/Konfiguration.htm');"



      When I test the chm and click on the link,I'm getting a javascript error, saying:





      I assume, that the path is wrong. How can I add this external .htm to my project such that it is compiled into the .chm?


      Otherwise I would have to carry around a bunch of external .htm files with my final chm.