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    I'm not able to sign in to Sync with Lightroom Mobile




      a few days ago I updated Lightroom to the most recent version.

      After that I noticed, that I was no longer signed in for Lightroom Mobile Sync.


      I am signed into my Adobe Account (in the help panel as well as the Creative cloud App).

      The Lightroom Mobile Sync Dropdown on the Identity Plate however says Sign In, no matter how often I try to log in.


      I tried the following (in all kinds of orders):

      * Restarting Lightroom

      * Restarting my Mac Pro

      * Logging out of Lightroom (Help Menu)

      * Logging out of Creative Cloud App

      * Exporting Catalog and using this temporary Catalog


      I even created a completely new catalog which has exactly the same problem.


      To narrow the problem down, I logged out of Lightroom Mobile on my Android Phone and I was able to log back in after.
      So it seems that Lightroom Mobile on mobile devices works fine (even logins/logouts).


      Just the part in Lightroom to sync to Lightroom Mobile seems to have a problem with logging in.


      I hope this can somehow be fixed soon.

      I am really looking forward to do my culling on my iPad again.


      Best regards


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