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    Help: upgrading current PC vs a new build (for CC 2017)


      Recently upgraded to Adobe CC 2017. Use Premiere Pro, Photoshop and occasionally After Effects.


      I am able to use these programs as needed however, my video editing is far from 'smooth'. Playback is jerky at times. Video will begin playing smoothly in the timeline but after a few seconds it will start to stutter. So I then have to stop the playback and restart it. Just creates way longer editing times that it needs to be.


      So my question is whether I should be looking at upgrading components of my current (older) PC or looking at a new build. Just trying to weigh costs involved vs performance gained.



      Win 7 Pro x64

      Intel Xeon E5-1620 @ 3.6GHz

      32gb RAM

      nVidia GTX 660 TI

      Two 1 TB HDD (Windows runs on one)

      One 256gb SSD (my cache files are on this)

      600 watt power supply

      (see image for additional info)


      I understand the costs involved in a newer GTX series card but would that alleviate my problem or is my processor going to be an issue regardless? Would moving everything to an SSD make any difference in regards to my issue?


      Thanks in advance for your time. Hardware/Software relationships are far from my comfort zone.Photo Mar 01, 10 31 41 AM.jpg

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          the computer you have now will be ok for HD/1080p projects, but if you are attempting 4k it might need HD proxies to lower the demand on the current computer. premiere is mostly cpu bound, so the cpu would be the primary suspect for performance issues. i doubt a new gtx video card will help much unless you are doing a large amount of gpu accelerated fx. you can check the gpu usage (load %) with gpu-z  to see if the video card is overworked vs the cpu usage in windows task manager. if the cpu usage is at or near max when the jerky playback happens the cpu might be causing or contributing to the jerky playback. if you are working with very high bitrate media, and/or multiple layers of media in the timeline, it could be possible a ssd could help. you can use windows resource monitor to watch the media hdd and see how active it is, that will give some clue to the hdd speed being an issue. you could try moving some of the media to the ssd and testing it in a new project, that would help determine if the hdd is too slow.


          as far as new computers go, intel has stagnated in cpu performance, so a new 4 core would be only slightly faster than the one you have now. to get a faster computer it will need more cpu cores. a workstation from hp or desktop pc from a custom builder with a 6-core to 8-core cpu will be between $3k-5k. the performance difference could be big, the 8 core cpu option's being around 2x faster.

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            jb2sprint Level 1

            Thanks for your input, that's much appreciated. Did the GPU-Z test and video card seemed to check out ok, so it would appear your assessment may be correct.  Thanks again.