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    Help options

      I am curious to hear opinions about whether Robohelp is the right solution when many (six or more) people are using Microsoft products (Word, PPT, Excel) to create content and SnagIT to grap images of icons/screen shots.

      The dilemma is that I am the holder of the key and the only user of Robohelp. It is not very intuitive and requires a bit of trial and error to learn. We currently house all of our procedures for using many of the Peoplesoft modules in RH. Business unit procedures (before/after using the application) are being housed in Documentum.

      I am thinking of removing the RH link from the applications and setting up a link to Documentum. Ideally, it would be great to have topic specific help. If I am entering an invoice, link to this topic instead of a TOC or search box.

      I am sure that many of you have run into this problem in the past.