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    Motion Tweens v Classic Tweens




      I've searched the forum, however, could not find an answer to my question, and so I hope I'm not duplicating a previous thread.


      I'm new to Animate CC, and am starting to use Tweens. Going by Adobe documentation, and by their nature, Motion Tweens seem easier to use than Classic Tweens. and I think the recommended option.


      However, a couple of youtube tutorials on Animate CC (by non-Adobe posters) recommend  Classic Tweens instead of Motions Tweens. Their reason being that Motions Tweens were created, but do not work as intended, or are 'broken'. On paper, Motions Tweens do seem better, however, I cannot find any Adobe documentation recommending Classic Tweens instead of Motion Tweens.


      Can I ask, what people are generally using, and is there an issue with using Motions Tweens, instead of Classic Tweens.



      Many thanks for your help.

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          I don't know that one is "better" than another. Motion tweens will only work on a symbol. Classic tweens will work on a simple stage object or a symbol. Motion tweens and classic tweens are implemented on the timeline differently. Motion tweens can be more complex than a classic tween as you have that motion sub-window in the timeline to work with.


          In some earlier versions of Flash there was a separate motion window for motion tweens. In many cases it was difficult to use and resulted in bizarre motions that seemed to have nothing to do with what you intended.

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            Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            With motion tweens you can have different attributes tweening over different frame ranges. So for example if you wanted something to curve across the screen, changing color during the first half, then changing alpha over the second half, that would be a lot harder with classic tweens.


            The main drawback of motion tweens currently is that with HTML5 Canvas each frame is exported as a new tween. That leads to much bigger Javascript files, and much worse performance. Classic tweens with a fixed amount of easing get exported as one short line of code, and perform very well.


            It's worth knowing that if you do a custom easing curve for classic tweens, they become just as bad as motion tweens.


            If you're doing AS3, or animation for video, there are no performance issues with motion tweens or custom easing classic tweens.

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              ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

              jg01  wrote


              Motion Tweens seem easier to use than Classic Tweens

              I cannot comprehend how anyone could come to this conclusion. WIth Classic tweens you mark out two keyframes, set your beginning and end states, and that's that. Motion Tweens take over an entire layer and have an exponentially more complex UI.

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                Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

                A lot of it depends on what your end result is looking to be. If you are animating characters using Animate then I would suggest using classic tweens because used in conjunction with a graphic symbol  you can nest  art inside a symbol and can then change what frame being displayed on each keyframe easily with the properties box. You can also set art or things like walk Cycles to Loop or play one time or as a single frame. You cannot do this with a motion tween. Motion tweens are better at using in and out though but I think that classic tweens are a little more powerful.

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                  nickg28 Adobe Community Professional

                  They both have there strengths. I use both.


                  Here is some good tutorials. Start Here - YouTube


                  Remember Animate CC used to be called Flash Cc.

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                    jg01 Level 1

                    Many thanks for your replies, these were very helpful.


                    I'd heard elsewhere that Motion Tweens 'did not work well', and so as a newbie, didn't want to make the mistake of going down a dead end.


                    Kind Regards.