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    Changing the page size of an existing PDF

    Danidanito Level 1



      I did an interactive PDF a month ago, with a lot (330) PDFs a client gave me. I had to bookmark each page, so you can navigate through them.


      The problem now is that each page has a different size:


      - 210 x 297 mm

      - 320,3 x 443,3 mm

      - 500 x 700 mm

      ... (And more)


      And my client has problems trying to print the document...


      Is there a way I can reduce the size of ALL the pages to 210 x 297 mm (For example) but NOT CROPPING the pages, just adapting the content of each page to that size... Is it possible?


      And not losing all the bookmarks I did...


      Thank you a lot.


      Best regards,