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    PreloadNetThing to import images from MySQL database into Shockwave?

      We are creating online language teaching games and have a collection of precious images (and mp3 files) that we want to keep secure but use in the product.
      I've been trying to retrieve the image files from a MySQL database in Shockwave using PreloadNetThing and a php script.
      The system works fine for extracting whole casts - preload the cct Shockwave cast from the db, then set the filename of cast equal to the url of the php script.
      For individual images or other file types, the system fails when I try to ImportfileInto or set Filename of member equal to the URL of the php script - I suspect that the material is cacheing (the NetId returns OK, and I can use DownloadNetThing to download an image file to a local disk from the db, but as you probably know, that option is not available in Shockwave). Any ideas how this could be done in a tidy way?