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    Are there any formal Adobe classroom classes?

    vicfirth1 Level 1



      I feel as though I've hit a glass ceiling in terms of being self-taught by reading, forums and watching YouTube videos.


      Are there any opportunities that exist for people such as myself on a steep but fast learning curve who didn't go to school for motion graphics? It's the one marketable skill I lack. I want to get to a point of proficiency where if a client said, "We want the graphic to look like 'this,', and then fly in, twist and explode into small pieces, here is the .PNG file for our logo, now go make it happen," I can come back with a working motion graphic they could critique and further finesse to completion.


      Classroom work I feel in the only real-world environment to prepare me for such situations.


      You can view my work at www.zachmirer.com to see my existing skills. I desperately am in need for help in perfecting things.


      I also just started learning Premier and I believe that not setting a solid foundation for your workflow is what can develop long-term bad habits that make for chaos is post production within the realm of what are expected industry standards. I don't want to make that mistake.


      Any and all insight and help is appreciated.


      Thank you all!