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    Printer continues to print when there is no paper Photoshop Problem


      Hi Everyone,


      The past week the printer (Epson) head continues to move as its printing (without laying any ink) without a paper being underneath the print head.


      For example: If I were to print on a 8.5x11 and the image goes up half the page, it print up until then, then the head continues to move back and fourth without printing until the whole paper is spat out. Since this started, the colors are not printed the same way as before (they are much lighter) even though the problem of the print head continuing.


      That said, in the beginning I thought it was the printer problem, so I had another printer and tried it out and SAME THING HAPPENED!  The print head continues after printing the image. For the color handling, I put printer manages colors. It is the only setting that I get the best results. On this settings; the printer head will continue to move. If I change the settings (let photoshop manage colors and/or print from illustrator), the printer will print "normally"  except the colors do not come correctly. I NEED it to be under those settings.


      I restarted Photoshop, restarted the computer, deleted all of the preferences (ctrl-alt-shift) and nothing... I did the spacebar print and nothing...


      Has anyone had this issue before?

      Anything else I can do. I am out of ideas...


      Thank you