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    Are eps and postscript files a thing of the past??

    Awitmer Level 1

      Hello all!


      I have some questions about file types that I've been wondering about for a

      while. Recently at my workplace we made the switch from using postscript

      files exported from InDesign for our computer-to-plate workflow to using pdf

      instead. I was having TONS of problems when I was using postscript files and

      ever since I have made the switch to pdf, my troubles have been over

      entirely. My questions is this: Are postscript files a thing of the past and

      should no longer be used, or are there still instances where it would be

      good to use postscript files?


      This leads me to another question I have. Is there ever a good reason to use

      an place eps files in InDesign? Or is it better to us Photoshop and

      Illustrator files nowadays? I hope my questions are clear enough...


      Thanks in advance for your replies!