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    Lightroom renamed my files after I changed sort option?

    twylaprice007 Level 1

      I need to organize my file by file name, I went to: view / sort / file name, clicked that, it worked, but now i'm looking for specific file numbers according to what I shot and the file names are now such: untitled shoot-308dng.  These names were IMG_1622 etc. Is there a fix without haveing to reload and reorganized?



      :Long story: It started like this, I imported 900+ wedding day images from an SD card titled IMG_2419 and so on. I flagged the ones I wanted, and then imported images from a different card, a CF card titled IMG_1611 and so on (so these would been on top) into the same folder. This completely mixed up my entire batch like a card shuffler. The files were mixed back and forth-like, I was getting images from the SAME original files of the SD card like this: one scene here, next one different scene, 3rd one previous scene, 4th one next scene continued. So I researched how to organize them by they're original file names, I got View / sort / choose file name.


      Everything seemed okay since the files reorganized in order, but then i needed to compare an image from one card to the next and realized that a renaming happened sometime in the mix!