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    one project copyed 8 times on one paper


      I have big struggle, cause i just have completed my project after 3 hours making a gift card with fill in forms and many other things that take some time to make really, but it is the size of an A6, or maybe a little bigger and i would need to know how can i copy it and than paste it 6 or 8 times on a paper without losing my formating / positioning / forms, there must be a way but i do not have a clue of how could i find it.

      Thanks for help

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          There is no simple way to do this in Acrobat: You can copy and paste (after selecting the edit tool) the contents of your document, but this will not copy&paste the form fields. In a second step you would have to deal with the form fields by bringing up the form editor, selecting the fields and then copying them (and adjusting their position on the page). Keep in mind that copying a form field will create a copy that shares the name of the original field, which means that the information you enter into one of these copies will automatically be propagated to all other instances (or widgets) of this field.

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