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    AE won't work with reconnected audio device, refuses to playback renders


      My daily setup is working in AE while using a pair of bluetooth headphones as my primary audio device. Every night, I turn off the headphones to charge, which changes the default audio device being used by Windows. In AE, the Headphones are still set as the preferred hardware but with a "(Not Working)" notation next to them on the list.


      In the morning, when I turn my headphones on, they once again become the default Audio device, and the "(Not Working)" notification in AE goes away. However, AE will refuse to play back any footage. The only way to get it to work again is to navigate to Audio Hardware preferences, select a different audio device, and then re-select my headphones, even though they were already properly chosen.


      My issue is more an annoyance than anything else, but the fact that I go through this dance *every* day made me want to pass the issue forward.


      Running latest version of AE (CC 2017) on Windows 10. My headphones are Bose AE2 Soundlink Stereo model, but I have had similar issues in the past with USB headsets.