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    Lightroom Develop changed image UPON START UP


      I am new to lightroom and just downloaded the free trial.  At this time I am already frustrated with the program and my free trial is quickly dwindling.  I imported a variety of photos and moved through the Library menu just fine. I proceeded to the Develop phase and upon clicking the Develop button my photo changes.  This is done with any photo I enter into the develop phase.  Please keep in mind this is BEFORE i edit the picture.  The program seems to be doing it on its own.  I have restarted, cleared photos and imported different ones and still the same result.  Below is a screen shot of what I am getting.  Has anyone had this before?  Can you lend some knowledge to a newbie?  It is much appreciated as I have heard good things about Lightroom.  Again, my free trial is going quickly and I would like to attempt to develop pictures to see if I would like to purchase this program.

      Thank you