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    Need help exporting scene from Character Animator CC with transparent background

    DoomStein Level 1

      So I am trying to export an animation of a lip synced puppet from Character Animator for use in a Premiere Pro CC project and cannot for the life of me get the video to render with transparency so I can overlay it onto a background in my PP project. Every time I try to export it it comes out with a black background even though I have the background color set to transparent. I have been trying to export it in other formats such as quicktime or avi but i do not see options in Adobe Media Encoder to change to 32 bit (which I read somewhere in the forum will enable alpha layers and transparency). Now whenever I try and export to any of these formats I get "Could not read from the source. Please check if it has moved or been deleted." after I start my encoding queue even though I JUST hit export from inside of Character Animator. I also have had issues with trying to import the project directly into PP and After Effects with it either not being able to find the .chproj file I just dragged in or it not showing up in the media browser at all. It worked once but gave me the a black background as well instead of transparent. I have tried to use the Color Key effect to remove the background but it ends up eating up the edges of my puppet up or removing all the black from it entirely by the time I get all the black off of the edges. I have tried to insert various other colored backgrounds such as green and blue but then it leaves blue and green around the edges of the puppet and essentially does the same thing as removing the black that I mentioned before.


      If it helps any, here are the specs of what I am running this on:

           Windows 10 64bit

           i-7 Processor (i72620M @2.7GHz)

           8GB of ram

           320GB SSD

           AMD Radeon HD 6470M

      My goal is to make the video at 1280p x 720p and most of the project is using video in the H.264 format. So far I haven't had any issues with performance yet using Premiere Pro CC, Photoshop CC and Character Animator CC at the same time.


      Please help or show me to a tutorial that might explain this better. I have already watched all the CA tutorials and quite a few Premiere videos and can't find anything on rendering videos with transparency. I might just not be looking in the right places though. Any and all help is appreciated!