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    Tablets w/ touch screen for Photoshop


      What is the best tablet with a touch screen to use with Photoshop?

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          Photoshop run on two Platform Windows and Mac OS  Apple Tablets run IOS not Mac OS. Therefore, Photoshop does not run one Apple tablets the use IOS..   Apple Mac OS do not support Touch Screens Mac Books do not have touch screen New Mac book Pro can have a touch Bar which  Photoshop CC 2017 has supports for.  Photoshop Supports touch gestures on touch screens not touch drawing with Touch screen support.   Windows Tablets Must also have Pen support to draw with a pen on a tablet.  Stylus may look like Pens but are not they use the tablets touch screen support not digitize pen..  There is an App available for IOS tablets like iPad Pro that will let you use your iPad pro and Apple pencil like an Wacom Cintiq.  Photoshop would be run on your Mac and the iPad Pro connects  to your mac with a network connection.  I would think a wired connection would be good.   I think a wireless connection may have some lag.


          I would venture the Best Tablet would be the new Wacom Mobile Studio 16 with the I7 Processor Nvidia Graphics  3d Scanning Camera. It has a  high resolution 4k Display.   It is not cheap and would not travel as easily as a machine like a Surface Pro 4 or 5.