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    premiere play back

    dannyr20192285 Level 1

      I just purchased premiere 15 and when paying back video it jumps frame or going in slow motion and I hit enter and rindered the video and no change. I see several people having same problem. My computer is hp 4 ram, windows 10.

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          There is more to it.  You will have difficulty editing video with any software if the computer is not strong enough or the video source is demanding.  Variables include the source of the video, format of the video, the CPU, speed of the HDD, etc.  Perhaps you can offer more detail about what you are doing.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I'm with Bill. I have no idea what an HP 4 RAM is. That could be one of any of hundreds of computers using any of hundreds of processors.


            We'll definitely need more detailed information on your computer specs and video sources before we can offer any help.

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              dannyr20192285 Level 1

              I am using a cannon camera and the video file is a MP4. I downloaded 3 other video program on this computer and they all worked and I use Photoshop 6 on this computer. My computer is running Windows 10, AMD turion LL Utra Dual-Core mobile M620 2.50 GHz, 64-bit.

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                whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                Rather than freely offer information that can help with troubleshooting, you seem intent on proving Premier Elements is bad and flawed software.  That is not going to work on this forum of users that know it well and use it routinely.  Keep in mind that Adobe has millions of paying customers worldwide because, overall, it their products are reliable and work well.   Out of the millions, there are always a few with combinations of hardware and software that cause frustration that is normally solvable.   It is the same with any software from any company.


                No, I don't work for Adobe nor do I own stock.  My only purpose here is to return something to somebody in return for what was taught to me.  In other words, like others in online forums, I do it because I enjoy it. 


                If you really want help figuring out what is normally dependable is not on your computer, offer details.  If your purpose is only to bash, please enjoy using one of the three alternatives that you have made work for you. 


                Best of luck with your video editing projects!



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                  dannyr20192285 Level 1

                  What the hell is wrong with you I paid $150.00 to get my programs and I want them to work if you don't know what your talking about don't try to answer my question. I gave my pic file type and computer info to solve my problem.

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                    whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                    There is no question that, at my advanced age, there are lots of things wrong with me!


                    Send me one of your MP4 clips via dropbox (or other) and I might be able to figure it out.  There are so many varieties of what is inside and MP4, that trying to ask you how to figure it out would be harder than looking myself.


                    My goal is not to get into a fight with an angry customer.  Get past that.  I'm a user that paid cash for my software too!   Although this forum space is provided by Adobe, it is not staffed.  It is all volunteer for the "fun of it".


                    If you prefer anger, I'll go do something else.  Maybe someone else can guess what is in your MP4 file!


                    Adobe does provide an alternative to this forum.   You can't get phone support, but there is an online "chat" system.  Some find it more useful than forums.  I've never done it, but in extreme cases, Adobe can take over your computer and do trouble shooting.



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                      dannyr20192285 Level 1

                      Had to solve my own problem for the playback issue. Windows 10 is running directx 12 so I downloaded directx 9C and it fixed the problem for me if anyone has the same issue.

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                        whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                        Terrific!   I've been using Microsoft stuff since DOS was brand new and don't know what directx is!  Time for some google reading. 


                        My computer is a i7 laptop that I upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 and have not had trouble.


                        How did you find this solution?  How do I figure out which directx I have?



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                          dannyr20192285 Level 1

                          I did the same upgraded from 7 to 10. The directx didn't show up in the system specs so I connected online to check it but Windows 10 is using directx 11 or 12. I check to see what the premiere program required and it said use directx 9 or 10 and I used 9C. I downloaded it and rebooted and it corrected my issue. Hope that helped.

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                            whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                            It helped my understanding.  Thanks.


                            I hope you enjoy Premier Elements as much as I have for the last several years.