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    Problem remote debugging PPro Custom Panel in Chrome: console not working properly

    Premiopolis Level 2

      Having trouble with the JS console in Chrome when remote debugging PPro.

      Hitting RETURN simple adds a line feed, but doesn't execute the JS command.


      The console for this version of Chrome works fine on regular websites, but not when debugging PPro Panel.

      Doesn't seem to be the particular computer I'm on -- same behavior on several so far.

      This is Chrome 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit) on MacOS

      In the past when something like this happens, I'll try a Fn-RETURN or a Option-RETURN, etc.  No luck in this case.


      Example below.  Notice the cursor (the pipe a couple lines down from the entered command) -- the result of hitting RETURN a few times.

      I've resorted to adding an <input> object into the Panel that executes console commands but would love to get things back to normal.  Any ideas?