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    PixelBender/ Flash ShaderJob

      The Flash docs say the following:

      To process a ByteArray containing a linear array of data (as opposed to image data) set the corresponding ShaderInput instance's height to 1 and width to the number of 32-bit floating-point values in the ByteArray. In that case, the input in the shader must be defined with the image1 data type.

      What must the output be defined as? Float, right? This would mean a simple doNothing filter could be defined as in the attached code below.

      But PixelBender gives the following error:

      ERROR: (line 37): 'dst' : cannot have 1 or 2 channel outputs

      So, either my assumptions are incorrect, or PixelBender does not support this kind of operation.

      Can an Adobe head tell me what's going wrong here? Am I barking up the wrong tree or are we waiting for a new version of PixelBender that supports 1dimensional data?

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          AIF Bob Level 3
          The short answer is that right now you have to use image3 or image4 as your input data type and ignore the channels that you’re not using. The longer answer is that there’s a disconnect between what the Flash player will allow and what the Pixel Bender compiler will allow – in this case the compiler is wrong. I have entered a bug against the compiler.