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    Unable to Select Individual Lens Correction Profiles in Lightroom Mobile (iOS)


      Hi there,


      With the recent upgrades to Lightroom mobile for both iOS and Android, I was considering purchasing an iPad for editing photos while traveling. A friend was nice enough to lend me their iPad so that I could test things out - I have run into a big problem with lens corrections.


      I frequently use the Rokinon 12mm F2.0 on my Sony e-mount camera:




      This popular lens is entirely mechanical - manual focus and aperture control. This means that the lens data is not added to each photo's metadata.


      Lightroom CC does not automatically select a lens profile when I ask it to enable profile corrections. However, I am able to select the correct Rokinon profile from a list.


      Lightroom Mobile (iOS) also does not recognize the Rokinon Lens, and I am seemingly unable to select the correct lens profile. This renders Lightroom Mobile incapable of correcting for my lens.


      Has anyone else run into this problem? Adobe, is this something that will change in LR Mobile moving forward?