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    AE2017 Preview only plays 1s frame over and over again


           I'm trying to preview my video in after effects and I have tried numerous methods and can't seem to figure this out. All it ever does when i press space bar or the play button is play 1sec loop and the green loading bar doesn't load much. Everything worked fine until I tried to preview. I also went into edit and then preference and memory and made it so that after effects uses 7.9gb of my 8GB RAM.


      My PC has:

      8gb of RAM (questioning this)

      windows 10

      asus motherboard crosshair v formula

      Radeon hd 6770 vapor-x

      64 bit

      AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor, 3311 Mhz, 3cores, 6 logical processors


      not sure if anything else is needed.