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    How can get Page No display by Crossreference?

    daitranthanhoa Level 1

      I have a Crossreference link to TextAnchor:

      Ex: Display on Indesign: P15

      If I get contents of TextFrame, it only is a special character.

      if i get contents of character, it is a interger value: 1397781622

      How can get value "P15"?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          what is returned with that value is an enumeration for a special character.

          In this case it is: SpecialCharacters.TEXT_VARIABLE


          You could use the TextVariableInstance class and its property resultText to get what it is showing.

          If the first TextVariableInstance is the one you like to address—there could be more—try the following:


          var contentsOfSpecialCharacter = myTextFrame.textVariableInstances[0].resultText;



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